Evolution of Ningxia

First introduced as Berry Young Juice a the 2001 International Grand Convention, the inspiring power of the Ningxia wolf berry leads to one of Gary's greatest creations the would forever impact the health and wellness of millions across the globe.
With so much prep in its step, Berry Young Juice takes on a new shine to its label that could only match its original tag line as "The amazing pure, refreshing, delightful elixir of life."
As the incredible Ningxia doldberry continues to grow in its popularity, the 2005 International Grand Convention introduces the antioxidant-enriched Berry Young Juice in a new, powerpacked-sized bottle.
The beloved Ningxia Red takes center stage! Showing off a new look, its bold new name, and a reformulated blend per Gary's insightful direction, Ningxia Red is loaded with more superfoods than ever before.
Gary's vision for Ningxia Red continues to evolve and take shape. Sporting a new, custom-designed bottle, Gary reformulates the Ningxia Red blend with seven times more essential oils to become the formula we know and love today.
Celebrating 20 wonderful years of wellness, Young Living moves into 2014 with a beautifully fashioned chrome Ningxia Red bottle to celebrate the new year and so many wonderful achievements of Young Living members worldwide.
With such a blockbuster milestone, Ningxia Red launches not one but two chrome bottles to celebrate Young Living's silver anniversary as the worldwide leader in essential oils and all things health and wellness.