Black Pepper

Plant Origin: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, England, India

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from fruit/berries

Key Constituents: Beta-Caryophyllene (12-29%)

Historical Data: Used by the Egyptians in mummification, as evidences by the discovery of black pepper in the nostrils and abdomen of Ramses II. Indian monks ate several black peppercorns a day to give them endurance during their arduous travels. In ancient times pepper was as valuable as gold or silver. 

Fragrant Influence: Stimulating, energizing, and empowering.

Application: Dilute 1 part essential oil with 1 part V-6 or carrier oil. Apply 2-4 drops on location; apply on chakras and/or reflexology points; inhale directly, diffuse.

Black Pepper Vitality: take as a dietary supplement

Refer to the Essential Oils Desk or Pocket Reference for more information.


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