Plant Origin: France, Spain

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from branches

Historical Data: The Pheonicians and Cretans used cypress for building ships and bows, while the Egyptians made sarcophagi from the wood. The Greeks used cypress to carve statues of their gods. The Greek word "sempervivens," from which the botanical name is derived, means "live forever. The tree shares its name with the island of Cypress, where it is used for worship. Cypress wood is noted for its durability as it was used most famously for the original doors of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican that legends say lasted over 1,000 years.

Fragrant Influence: Eases the feeling of loss and creates a sense of security and grounding. Also helps heal emotional trauma, calms, soothes anger, and helps life flow better. 

Application: Dilute 1 part essential oils with 1 part V-6 or carrier oil; apply 2-4 drops on location, massaging toward the center of the body; apply on chakras and/or Vita Flex points; inhale directly, diffuse

Refer to the Essential Oils Desk or Pocket Reference for more information.

Raindrop Technique® essential oil.


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