Connect to feelings of strength and stability with the restorative, balancing aroma of Hope essential oil blend. This calming blend of Melissa, Juniper, Myrrh, and Black Spruce essential oils can invite spiritual awareness and connection. Hope is an essential part of moving forward with positivity in your life!

How can you use Hope essential oil blend?

  • Diffuse during hard or overwhelming days.
  • Apply it in the morning for an uplifting aroma while saying affirmations.
  • Apply topically to wrists, spine, or temples at the beginning of a long day.
  • Diffuse when feeling hopeless or down.
  • Apply it topically to your chest or wrists.
  • Create your own linen spray and spritz it on your pillow at night.
  • Add it to your nighttime bath.
  • Put it on cotton balls and place them in vents around your home.


Refer to the Essential Oils Desk or Pocket Reference for more information.


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