The Kunzea plant is native to the southern coast of Australia and Tasmania and has often been referred to as the “white cloud” because of its white and pink flowers. Native cultures have used the many benefits of the Kunzea plant for centuries. Animals will sleep under the plant when they want a more peaceful outdoor experience and it attracts native insects, birds, and small animals. Kunzea is often compared to Tea Tree essential oil because of its similar uses and properties; however, Kunzea has a more pleasing and refreshing aroma. 


How do you use Kunzea?

  • Diffuse! When diffused, Kunzea helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and a refreshing aromatic experience. It also purifies the air from unwanted odors with its clean, crisp smell!
  • Apply it to your fatigued muscles after exercise. Kunzea is high in the naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene and eucalyptol. Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage away!
  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes. Add it to your daily skin care routine and apply topically to your face.
  • Add a few drops to your Thieves Household Cleaner when cleaning your home, you’ll love the additional freshness.
  • Stinky shoes? Add a few drops to your shoes to help get rid of those nasty smells. 
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