Healthy Holiday Open House

Friday, November 19 | 6 - 8 pm
at The Yards 

1660 Genessee St. Kansas City, Missour 64102

Join us for an evening of fun, community, and self-care!
Stress is the root of all dis-ease, so it’s important to keep it in check. There are many ways to ease stress, and we want to share a few ways with you!
  • Sound experience by Unplug KC 
  • BEMER microcirculation: 8-minute vascular therapy (session value: $25)
  • Choose from a revitalizing sugar scrub, a refreshing room spray, and essential oil roll-ons to take home with you
  • ZYTO Balance bioscan - discover stressors and balancers for your body through GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) technology (session value: $60)
  • Stretch + Mobility with Chelsea: Chelsea is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and dabbles in many areas within the health and wellness space. Stop by and see her for a quick mobility evaluation and some corrective stretching & exercise.
For our make-and-take offerings, we will be featuring one of our favorite wellness tools in the recipes: essential oils. Essential oils work with the body to help the body repair itself. Your body recognizes oils, and immediately knows what to do with them.
Inhaling the aroma of an oil is the quickest way to receive benefit, but depending on the situation you’re addressing, there may be more effective ways to use each oil - that’s where I come in to help guide you to achieve your goals. You’re not in this alone! Join us to learn about essential oil quality, and why it is important to know your supplier.
Event Registration: $15