Frequency of Essential Oils

What is frequency and how does it pertain to essential oils?

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any 2 points. Everything has an electrical frequency. Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheny, Washington, developed new equipment to measure the biofrequency of humans and foods. Bruce Tainio and D. Gary Young, a North American expert on essential oils, used this biofrequency monitor to determine the relationship between frequency and disease. Some of the results of their studies are shown in the following table:

 Human Brain 72-90 MHz
Human Body (day) 62-68 MHz
Cold Symptoms 58 MHz
Flu Symptoms 57 MHz
Candida 55 MHz
Epstein-Barr 52 MHz
Cancer 42 MHz
Death Begins 25 MHz


 Processed/Canned Food 0 MHz
Fresh Produce  up to 15 MHz
Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
Essential Oils 52-320+ MHz


Note: Due to the sensitivity of the instruments, these results are not easily duplicable. What is important is the relativity of the numbers and the fact that the higher frequency of the essential oils can help raise the frequency of the human body to a more normal level.

How to keep your frequencies high in times of crisis

We all have different frequencies - the higher, the better. The lower the frequencies, the sicker we get. Disease starts when our frequencies drop below 62 MHz.

A few drops of your desired essential oil on the crown of the head a few times a day can bring you frequencies back on high gear.

Essential Oil Singles & Frequencies

Angelica  85 MHz
Basil 52 MHz
Frankincense 147 MHz
Galbanum 56 MHz
German Chamomile 105 MHz
Helichrysum 181 MHz
Idaho Blue Spruce 580 MHz
Idaho Tansy 105 MHz
Juniper 98 MHz
Lavender 118 MHz
Melissa (lemon balm) 102 MHz
Myrrh 105 MHz
Peppermint 78 MHz
Ravintsara 134 MHz
Rose 320 MHz
Sandalwood 96 MHz

Essential Oil Blends & Frequencies

 Abundance 78 MHz
Acceptance 102 MHz
Aroma Life 84 MHz
Aroma Siez 64 MHz
Awaken 89 MHz
Brain Power 78 MHz
Christmas Spirit 104 MHz
Citrus Fresh 90 MHz
Clarity 101 MHz
Dragon Time 72 MHz
EndoFlex 138 MHz
En-R-Gee 106 MHz
Envision  90 MHz
Exodus II 180 MHz
Forgiveness 192 MHz
Gathering 99 MHz
Gentle Baby 152 MHz
Grounding 140 MHz
Harmony 101 MHz
Hope 98 MHz
Humility 88 MHz
ImmuPower 89 MHz
Inner Child 98 MHz
Inspiration 141 MHz
Into the Future 88 MHz
Joy 188 MHz
JuvaFlex 82 MHz
Live with Passion 89 MHz
Magnify Your Purpose 99 MHz
Melrose 48 MHz
Mister 147 MHz
Motivation 103 MHz
M-Grain 72 MHz
Panaway 112 MHz
Peace & Calming 105 MHz
Present Time 98 MHz
Purification 46 MHz
Raven 70 MHz
R.C. 75 MHz
Release 102 MHz
Relieve It 56 MHz
Sacred Mountain 167 MHz
SARA 102 MHz
Sensation 88 MHz
Surrender 98 MHz
Thieves 150 MHz
Three Wise Men 72 MHz
Trauma Life 92 MHz
Valor 47 MHz
White Angelica 89 MHz