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Subscribers of The Well are offered the opportunity to earn money for their referrals to The Well

Young Living® Brand Partner Opportunity

Plan on using or promoting Young Living products with your business? We want to partner up and promote YOU!

We would love to include your business on our website and social media platforms! Our website is getting more and more views, and we want to help your business to grow along side of us! The application is available when you sign into this website and visit the Brand Partner Resource Library.

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3 Ways to Supplement Your Income Through Your Existing Network

Selling Health & Nutritional Products Retail: Offering your clients/patients quality products is a natural fit. You are a trusted health professional and they are looking for products to help improve their lives. You make the difference between the wholesale and the retail selling price. Review YL's Policies & Procedures for details.
Offering Preferred Customer Incentives: Many customers would rather get a better deal than purchasing supplements at retail. Offering a preferred customer option where they get better discount by creating a YL customer account for themselves may motivate them to buy more and more often. If you are choosing to take orders or sell retail, consider working your customers towards creating their own YL customer accounts to help you work smarter and not harder!
Leverage Your Existing Network: After your existing patients have tried products and services, it’s easy to offer them the option of setting up their own business distributing the products they already love. You help them, and receive a nice residual in return.
Established Business Model: The Young Living business opportunity is a network marketing business opportunity. Many of today’s successful business leaders like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Tony Robbins endorse network marketing as a viable and lucrative way to produce a significant residual income. The truth is that today, millions of individuals have built very successful network marketing businesses. Not only is their financial outlook more stable, they enjoy more time, flexibility, and a host of other benefits including:
  • Tax Advantages: Running your own network marketing business can substantially lower your tax burden by allowing for various deductions.
  • Residual Income: As you build your organization, you are compensated for your growth.
  • Flexibility: It’s up to you how much time and effort you put into your network marketing business.
  • Time Leveraging: The efforts of your organization benefit you - the more you train and work with them, the more it benefits you as they succeed.
  • Personal Growth: Setting and accomplishing goals, sharpening communication skills, and gaining confidence are byproducts of network marketing.

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Common Questions

How do clients/patients view a health professional doing network marketing?
Most patients and clients are concerned about the quality, price, and results of their nutritional products rather than how it is distributed. Network marketing is simply a different distribution method, and who better to take advice from on top-of-the-line nutritional products than your health professional. With more people than ever shopping online, this opportunity with Young Living gives you the advantage of distributing product all around the world without having to do the heavy work of product production, quality testing, carrying inventory, filling orders, or shipping product. Young Living does the heavy work while we get to share and have fun doing it!
How long can it take to create an income of $1,000/month?
If you treat your business like a business, achieving this kind of residual wealth can be accomplished within 12-24 months, if not sooner. The goal for five years would be for you to reach a minimum residual income of $5,000 a month.
How do I make a residual income?
Young Living has a compensation plan that allows for unlimited income potential. The structure is designed so that the people in your team help you become successful, while you help them become successful. Together we rise.
When you open a Young Living account, you'll be given a YL Share Link that you'll be able to easily share with others so that they can shop Young Living and open their account through you, just like this one when you click on it: