2021 Young Living Update



Who is ready to ride the next wave of massive growth with Young Living?

I have been honored to be a part of several of these waves through my almost decade with this company, and it truly never gets old. I am giddy thinking about the growth that is coming for those of you who embrace these changes, refresh your dreams and whys, and embrace the shifts that will move us forward! Grab your surfboard and let’s ride this wave!!!

Cut and dried details can be found at the bottom of this post and in your Virtual Office under the Compensation Plan tab. Young Living will also be providing training on their training page.

Imagine a website where you can easily send your friends....
And with a few quick clicks, they can add ANY items they want to their carts. If they get to 100PV, it will unlock a discount and free shipping.
Then at checkout when they are entering their shipping info (like any other website), it populates your referral number.
Then they appear immediately in your Downline as Customers and you just earned 25% on their PV!!
Yes.... this is the new reality (soon). Ease, simplicity, speed, and an experience like any other top notch online retailer.
What will this mean for your business???

Why the change?

Moving forward, we're strengthening our focus on product sales along with member enrollment. We'll offer additional starter bundle options and the ability to customize the initial 100pv purchase, making it easier for customer to become brand partners.

Some of the upcoming changes...

ER Bonus: When shopping, simple is king! Rather than a confusing ER bonus that has been difficult for you to share effectively, Young Living will be focusing attention on exciting strategies to encourage your members to shop, subscribe, and add more products to their carts.

Retail Earnings (effective May 1): We are completely redefining the Young Living customer! Once all US shoppers are migrated to the new shopping platform, anyone who is not actively building a brand partner business will be a customer and will be eligible for Fast Start Bonuses. So instead of the former retail customer earnings, a brand partner can expect to see that 24% Fast Start Bonus whether the customer joins you with a bottle of lavender, a starter bundle, or a Ningxia 2-pack on subscribe to save.

Fast Start Bonus (effective May 1): We know you love our generous Fast Start Bonus! It’s the perfect way to launch those paychecks to the next level, and you will see more of these bonuses than ever with our new customer classifications! Since this bonus needs to focus on customer volume and not brand partner investment, we are checking those important regulatory boxes and removing this bonus from PV purchased by those who have upgraded to brand partner during their enrollment month. Instead, their enroller will move immediately to receiving full unilevel commissions on that brand partner enrollment. Whether you’re earning Fast Start bonus on a new customer or earning unilevel commissions on a new member of your brand partner team, we know you’ll agree that it’s a win/win scenario for your business!

Customer Volume (CV) (effective June 1): Regulatory entities love to see your business launching with as little financial risk as possible for you, and of course, we agree! You can now bring in customers to create your needed volume, now called CV. We know brand partners will still be filling those carts with the products you love, but your rank qualification can also be earned by that customer volume that is building the foundation of your business.

This change emphasizes the importance of creating a strong customer foundation as part of a healthy organization. It also keeps us in alignment with the industry’s ever-changing regulatory environment by allowing brand partners to launch a business with as little financial risk as possible. Brand partners will still shop the products they love but can also include customer volume for rank qualification purposes.

All U.S. ranks will have a monthly 100 CV requirement for rank and commission qualification. Customer volume is any combination of volume from front-line (sponsored) customers and/or a brand partner’s personal purchases (PV). The CV requirement will also affect how qualifying legs are determined.

The top of a qualifying leg must be a brand partner with 100 CV in the applicable commission period.

Starter Kit Bonus (effective June 1):

With our focus on creating a distinct difference between a customer and a brand partner, Starter Kits will be retired since they previously qualified members for both. Young Living will now offer additional starter bundle options that are separate from Brand Partner Kits plus the ability to customize the initial 100 PV purchase, making it easier for customers to become brand partners.

2021 Compensation Plan Updates
Business Updates FAQ
Comp Plan Terms & Definitions


Stay in the Know

Terms to remember

Brand Partner (BP)

  • Someone who is building a Young Living business

Customer (C)

  • A product user who is not pursuing a business

Customer Volume (CV)

  • The combined volume of your orders + your personally sponsored customers

Fast Start Bonus

  • A bonus Brand Partners qualify for with any enrollment


  • The person who supports a customer


  • The person who enrolls a customer

Loyalty Rewards

  • Formerly Essential Rewards


Customers & Brand Partners


  • Purchase products for personal use
  • Do not earn money
  • Can refer friends

Brand partners 

  • Building a business
  • Earn money
  • Have access to the Virtual Office


Current members will automatically be Brand Partners if they have done one of the following in the past year:

  • Enrolled a member
  • Received a check
  • Hit a new rank


How to Get Paid

100cv Qualification

  • Qualify for Fast Start Bonus + all commissions and unilevel pay

Set up Pay Portal

  • Visit to set up a way to receive payments

Set up Direct Deposit

  • In your Virtual Office under My Account > My Profile > Direct Deposit


Fast Start Bonus

The 25% Fast Start Bonus will be earned on every new customer for their first 3 months.

If a customer becomes a Brand Partner within their 1st month, the Fast Start Bonus is not issued.


Let's Chat About CV

CV = Customer Volume

Customer Volume is made up of your purchases + your front line customers' purchases.

Your Customer Volume:

+Brand Partners are required to meet the 100cv minimum each month

+You are no longer required to meet this minimum on your own