Strategic Placement

Strategic Placement of new members, AKA “stacking” is a purely strategic move that we believe will move everyone in our team to milestones and more money at a faster pace. Your upline leaders are more than happy to talk strategy with you before you make your moves so we can talk through the different scenarios and you can understand what moves will do for your business.

New Member Within 5 Days

If you need to stack someone (and if you have even one business person, then you need to stack) you need to complete the move within 5 days or all sorts of issues can start to sprout up. This needs to be within 5 days of their enrollment. You just need to hop on Live Help through and ask them to adjust your downline. Your conversation will go something like this:

MR_YL_LIVECHATDUDE: Can I have your member# and pin#?

YOU: Sure, it’s “****”

MR_YL_LIVECHATDUDE: How can I help you?

YOU: I’d like to restructure part of my downline. I’d like to remain the enrolled for the change, but I would like to change the sponsor. Please move, LARRY LAVENDER #234567 under PATTY PEPPERMINT #1234567. Thank you!

MR_YL_LIVECHATDUDE: The move is complete, your confirmation # is ———-

YOU: Thank you! Have a great day…

It’s really smart to have a plan of where you are needing growth so you know where to put your people as they start to pour in.


New Member After 5 Days, Less Than 20 Days Active

Now, there is a way to move people if you’ve not made the 5 day window. The problem with this is basically it puts you on “watch” with YL. After 5 days now you have to send an email to – Your email will look something like this:


I’d like to change the sponsor of a new member, please. I’d like to remain the enroller for this change, but I would like to change the sponsor. Please move, LARRY LAVENDER #234567 under PATTY PEPPERMINT #1234567. Thank you!

My name is Kristen Daschke #1331983 and my pin is ####


If you have more than one move, Young Living is requesting that the moves be consolidated to ONE SINGLE EMAIL. Not separately. Here’s why the 5 day live chat moves are important:

  1. If they see multiple moves coming from one person in email, they can and will start denying your moves.
  2. If they think you’re somehow trying to manipulate the system with your moves, they can and will start denying your moves.
  3. If you have moved that same person you’re trying to move again in the past, they can and will start denying your moves.


Your Growth Plan

Knowing that you only need 6 strong legs in your organization to achieve the highest rank in Young Living, stacking is extremely crucial for a long lasting business.

Identify who in your first level you want to stack your new member under. Here are a couple of things to consider while choosing:

  • Is that member on your first level ordering at least 100pv through Essential Rewards?
  • Would your first level member like to get their Young Living products paid for every month?


When choosing a current member to stack a new member under, consider the following before choosing:

  • Does this member already have a relationship with one of my current members?If yes, it may be wise to stack them together, in preparation that they could work together to share Young Living.
  • Keeping members together who know each other, especially those who have many mutual friends, can help to prevent negative competition in your organization.