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Then and Now

Photo of me from 2007 on the left, and a photo of me from early 2019 on the right.
In 2007, I topped out weighing about 185 pounds. Since early 2018, my weight has consistently been between 155 and 160 pounds.

For a long time, I didn’t think I had much of anything to share with others to help them live better lives. I knew from going through school I wanted to help people, and so I studied meteorology in college to learn how to better predict storms (yeah, I’ve seen the movie Twister a few times… I might have most of it memorized). The fascination of nature and weather, with the mathematics, computers, and learning to tie that all together into being able to better protect communities and save lives — that’s where the desire of helping others as a career started. However, my journey took a surprise turn (as life does) and I found myself down the road of discovering the health and wellness world…