Tyra Prosser

Tyra’s first step into the wellness world was managing, teaching, and leading teacher training at Kansas City’s CorePower Yoga from 2015- 2017. She left the country with just a backpack to carry her thoughts and ideas around the world. She received her Yoga Therapist License in 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, moved on to Sri Lanka to focus on building up a wellness program with her new skills at Ceylon Sliders, a premier Yoga studio in Sri Lanka.   

After making a name among her international Yoga students, she was offered a position in Melbourne, Australia to help start-up two new studios. During this stint, Tyra received her Mat Pilates training new branded Vinyasa studios while working with the Australian Football Leagues (AFL), as a mindful coach. The experience of working with the AFL players gave Tyra experience in bringing these mindful teachings to athletes of all ages. During her time in Australia, Tyra worked for former Winter Olympian, Stef Prem at Studio PP along with High Line Active as a body worker for professional motorsports drivers.

After setting up communities in Australia, Tyra had the opportunity to further develop her mindful coaching in Jerusalem and Greece. She helped establish a Yoga center within a Jerusalem hotel company before working privately on the island of Lefkada, Greece that catered to international celebrities. After her time on Lefkada, she felt unfulfilled and took her mindful program to where her heart was: the refugee crisis. The Universal Language healing method was developed. Tyra is now working alongside the UN to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, focusing on goal 3; good health and wellness for all. During Tyra’s five years of teaching Yoga and Pilates, she has worked with celebrities and athletes around the world. 

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