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Wanted to share: I mentioned before how i rolled on thieves around the lymph nodes in my neck and got some kind of reaction. Well, I've been really congested in the ears and sinuses this past week so I made sure to roll it really good this morning (note: I ingest thieves everyday). I took pictures to show the pulling the oils do around those lymph and how as quickly as it shows up - it's gone!

-Victoria Z. 
Missouri, USA
Posted 10.14.2020

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Photo of me from 2007 on the left, and a photo of me from early 2019 on the right.
In 2007, I topped out weighing about 185 pounds. Since early 2018, my weight has consistently been between 155 and 160 pounds. 
It has been since 2012 that I have taken allergy pills, or inhalers. I simply don't need them anymore. That is a HUGE statement coming from someone who could not go through the changing of the seasons without suffering from itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, stuffed up nose, and then side effects of the allergy pills.. feeling tired, fogged, and clogged up. I one point of my life, I remember looking into allergy shots. 
-Kristen Daschke 

Raindrop Testimony

During a Raindrop session, you may experience your body has lengthened at the conclusion of your session.