Diffuser Info

Why Diffuse?

Diffusing is one of the BEST ways to reap the emotional benefits of essential oils. Why?
  1. The limbic system (the center of your emotional brain) is located in close proximity to your olfactory bulb. When scent comes in through your nose, it interacts with your emotional brain before it interacts with your logical brain. This is why aromatherapy is shown to be calming in study after study.
  2. Everyone in the room benefits. From the tiniest to the furriest, all the living, breathing creatures in the vicinity benefit from diffusing.
  3. Intermittent run times on diffusers give the benefit of bursts of aroma and can keep you cool, calm, and collected (or motivated, energized, and awake... or whatever you're going for!)
Diffusers distribute essential oil molecules into the air by breaking them down into micro-particles and dispersing them through the air.
Maximizes the beneficial properties of essential oils by inhalation.
Cleanses and purifies the air.
Makes your home or classroom smell amazing.
Can calm the crazies.


What does the ionizer on the diffuser do?

One they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

Essentially, it helps purify the air and uplift moods. It’s what the rave of the Himalayan salt lamps are - because they are negative ionizers, as well.

Desert Mist Diffuser

Diffuse Time: 5-10 hours
Coverage Area: 323 square feet / 30 square meters
High, Low, and Intermittent diffusion mode
11 light colors or no light
Auto shut-off

Aria Diffuser

Diffuse Time: 1, 2, 3 hours
Coverage Area: 430 square feet / 40 square meters
Alternating 30 second on/off option
Multi-lights or no light 
Auto shut-off
Built-in music and audio port
Auto shut-off

Dew Drop

Diffuse Time: 5-10 hours
Coverage Area: 323 square feet / 30 square meters
High, Low, and Intermittent diffusion mode 
Auto shut-off

Feather the Owl

 Diffuse Time: up to 10 hours
Coverage Area: 323 square feet / 30 square meters
Multi-lights or no light
Sound machine
Auto shut-off

Orb Diffuser 

Diffuse Time: about 3 hours
Coverage Area: <100 square feet
Continuous or interval diffusion
Blue or green light, depending on setting


Diffuse Time: up to 8 hours
Coverage Area:  323 square feet / 30 square meters
Continuous Diffusion
5 lights or no light
Auto shut-off 
Negative Ionizer

Sweet Aroma 

Diffuse Time: up to 8 hours
Coverage Area: 100 square feet

How to Troubleshoot Your Diffuser