Energy, Vibration, Frequency, & Wellness

The universe doesn't speak English, it speaks FREQUENCY. Take a journey of discovering how energy plays an important role in our everyday lives, and how we can become aware of our own energy and support our body, mind, and spirit.

Electrify Your Wellness contents:

  • Emotions Impact Your Physical Health
  • Frequency & Life
  • Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras
  • Raising & Lowering Your Vibration
  • Tools for Balancing Body Frequency more!



Singing Bowl Meditation Series

Experience the sounds of uniquely-tuned quartz crystal singing bowls to support the energy centers of the body, promoting balance within mind, body, and spirit.


Unplug | Kansas City Community 

Our goal is to create a healthy community around the things that we love Sound Site Touch Smell Taste. We are creating these elements to allow your mind and body take a moment to UNPLUG. In addition we want to offer small business the opportunity to expand and connect with other like minded individuals.