Energy, Vibration, Frequency

Emotions Impact Your Physical Health

Stress : Brain

Frustration : Head
 Tension : Neck & Spine
Thyroid : Mistrust
Heart : Stress, Fright
Lungs : Grief, Fear
Digestive Tract : Anxiety
Liver : Rage, Jealousy
Adrenals : Fight or Flight
Gall Bladder : Anger
Spleen : Guilt
Kidneys : Fear, Shock

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points.

Every living thing has an electrical frequency

Canned food: 0 MHz

Fresh produce: 16 MHz

Dry herbs: 12-22 MHz

Fresh herbs: 2-27 MHz

Essential oils start at 52 MHz

A healthy body typically has frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58 MHz.

Clinical research shows essential oils having the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, and can create an environment in which microbes, ideas, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. can’t live. (1)

Balancing Body Frequency

When the body is overloaded with toxins and is not able to cleanse properly, the endocrine system is not able to maintain good electrical balance throughout the physical body. The first solution is to begin a cleanse.

Where the imbalance is due to allergies in the sinuses throat, or pituitary, apply 1-3 drops of The Gift, Valor, or Sacred Mountain to the crown of the head, the forehead, and the thymus. 

The essential oil blends Release, Divine Release, Freedom, Inner Harmony, Reconnect, and T.R. Care stimulate harmony and balance by releasing memory trauma from liver cells, where the emotions of anger, hate, and frustration are stored. Apply neat or diluted with V-6 over liver, apply compress over liver, or massage Vita Flex points on feet and hands.

Sandalwood oxygenates the pineal/pituitary gland, thus improving attitude and body balance. Rose has a frequency of 320 MHz, perhaps the highest frequency of all essential oils. It's beautiful fragrance is aphrodisiac-like and almost intoxicating. The frequency of every cell is enhanced, bringing balance and harmony to the body. Rose is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well-being.

A blend of 5 drops each of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Idaho Grand Fir with 1 drop of Rose oil is very helpful for ‘lifting spirits’. Put a drop of the blend on the thumb and press the thumb against the roof of the mouth. This opens the cranial sutures and is a powerful way to amplify the benefits and change the feelings of ‘blue’.

Idaho Grand Fir rubbed under the nose is very uplifting and mood enhancing. There is usually a noticeable change of emotion immediately. 

Lavender, Aroma Ease, Inner Harmony, Peace & Calming, etc. are excellent for calming a troubled mind and creating a peaceful environment.

Harmony and Inner Harmony will probably work in most situations because they bring harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body.

Inner Child, Reconnect, T.R. Care, SARA, Divine Release, InTouch, etc. stimulate memory response, enabling a person to get in touch with the feelings connected to trauma and negative memories and to let them go, thus allowing the person to create positive attitudes and intentions for the future.

For overall body electrical imbalance, put 1-2 drops of Sacred Frankincense, 3 Wise Men, Reconnect, Gathering, Inspiration, etc. in each palm. Rub the hands together and then hold the right palm over the navel and the left palm over the thymus and take three slow, deep breaths.

Next, place the dominant hand over the navel, the other hand over the thymus, and rub clockwise three times. This works through the. Body's electrical field by pulling the frequency in through the umbilical, the thymus, the olfactory, and then to the limbic system in the brain to create electrical balance.

The same procedure may be repeated with any of the different oils. Grounding is good for balancing frequencies when disrupted by disease. 

Harmony and Inner Harmony on the energy centers (or chakras) help to balance the body, thus improving the healing process and facilitating the release of stored emotions.

Massage 3-4 drops of Thieves on the bottoms of the feet.

The energy points corresponding to the endocrine glands are:

The crown (top) of the head (pineal)
Forehead (pineal)
Neck (thyroid)
Solar plexus (adrenal)
Naval (pancreas)
Groin (ovaries/gonads)


Other oils and oil blends that can be used to balance frequency are Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, The Gift, Common Sense, Idaho Balsam Fir, Valor, Valor II, 3 Wise Men, Gathering, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Highest Potential, Transformation, Joy, White Angelica, and many others.

Any of the roll-ons really work will in applying oils to the energy points of the body: RutaVaLa, Tranquil, Stress Away, Valor, and Breathe Again. You can also transform your favorite Young Living oils and blends into easy-to-use bottles by inserting an AromaGlide advanced roller fitment into any 5ml or 15ml bottle (available from Young Living for Young Living bottles).

- Essential Oils Desk Reference, 7th Edition: Chapter 17

Raising & Lowering Your Vibration

Daily Habits to Vibrate Higher

Commit to happiness and peace of mind
Wear a crystal necklace or bracelet
Soak feet with Epson salt
Play with singing bowl
Pray/read prayers/meditate
Do guided meditations
Repeat positive affirmations
Use tuning fork on chakras
Diffuser or spray essential oils around your home
Listen to binaural beats during sleep
Apply essential oils

Oils for Positive Vibes

Bad vibes in your office, personal space, mind, or home? If you’re surrounded by a negative atmosphere, it’s going to bring you down in every aspect of life and can leave you feeling more anxious, stressed, emotionally exhausted, and overall cranky. Not even attempting to clear the space is not conducive to living a happy, healthy, relaxed life. Try diffusing or wearing these essential oils to help uplift your atmosphere and create a happy, positive environment.

Below are some of the best essential oils for positive vibes.

Palo Santo

White Angelica



Citrus Fresh


Frequencies of Essential Oils

Unplug KC | Aroma + Acoustics Meditation 

Enjoy this 432Hz sample:

The Chakras

Chakras : Frequencies
C | Root : 262 Hz
D | Sacral : 294 Hz
E | Solar Plexus : 330 Hz
F | Heart : 349 Hz
G | Throat : 392 Hz
A | Third Eye : 440 Hz
B | Crown : 494 Hz
C | Transpersonal : 523 Hz

Which of your chakras are blocked?

Check your symptoms...
 Chakra Physical Emotional
Crown Poor Sleep Habits

Difficult to Meditate
Bodily Disconnect

Third Eye

Hormonal Imbalance

Poor Intuition


Thyroid Imbalances
Sore Throat

Can't Express Feelings
Heart & Mind are Disconnected


Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure

Lack of Empathy
Fear of Intimacy

Solar Plexus 

Poor Digestion
Low Blood Sugar

Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Willpower


Painful Period

Low Sex Drive
Creative Block




More about Chakras

How to Use Essential Oils to Balance the Chakras

There are many types of “tools” that help guide us to a deeper awareness of our higher consciousness. Essential oils are one, of many, that can facilitate activation of our higher selves. When experienced first hand one realizes the magical mysticism essential oils possess. They are much more than a beautiful scent. Essential oils are powerful gifts meant to be cherished. They bring peace, love and light everywhere they are sensed. These incredible earth essences elevate and enlighten one’s consciousness. Each one is a precious guide to a deeper awareness of life, energy and spirituality. Consider using the suggested oils topically (diluted per label instruction) on the area of the body corresponding with each chakra, or trying the Chakra Balancing Roll-on recipe below!

Make your own Chakra Balancing Roll-on

  • Glass Roller Bottle
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 2 drops of each: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint

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Deeper Reading on Frequency

Go to page 380 in the 8th Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference or go to page in the 8th Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference.
Chapter 19 | Longevity and Vitality — Frequency: Our Electrical Energy.
Continue reading to the end of section.