Microwaves + Tri-field Meter Experiment


To microwave or not to microwave?

Video: Tri-field meter + microwave experiment (sound on to hear meter readings)

In a study by Dr. Radwan Farag, dean of the Biochemistry Department at Cairo University, he discovered that just 2 seconds of microwave energy destroys all the enzymes in food, thus increasing our enzyme deficiency and altering the frequency of the food. It appears that heating food-containing proteins in a microwave for 10 minutes changes the molecular structure of the food, creating a new, harmful type of protein.
Experiments conducted in the 1940s showed some of the dangers of microwave energy. Microwaves were first utilized during World War II for early radar projects. It was during a radar research project in the mid-1940s that Dr. Percy Spencer of Raytheon Corporation noticed the candy bar in his pocket had melted after testing a vacuum. This gave him the idea to put popcorn kernels near the tube. The popcorn popped all over the office, which brought about the invention of the microwave oven, with Raytheon filing the first microwave cooking patent.

A microwave oven contains a magnetron, which is a tube in which electrons pass through a magnetic field to proceed micro wave-length radiation, which interacts with the molecules in food. In the microwave oven, the wave energy changes the polarity of molecules from positive to negative millions of times every second. This friction produces extreme heat, and in the food it causes “structural isomerism,” or structural damage, of the food molecules.

This decreases the nutritional value of food up to 60 to 90%. Vitamin B12, which is needed for red blood cell formation, is greatly reduced. In addition, microwave cooking kills 97% of the flavonoids in the food, which are some of the body’s nutrient soldiers that fight disease, inflammation, and microbes. Furthermore, vitamins C and E, essential minerals, and enzymes are virtually destroyed. This leaves the cells extremely vulnerable to viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms. The ability of the cells to repair themselves is suppressed so that rather than producing water and carbon dioxide in the process of cell repair, hydrogen peroxide and carmon monoxide are produced. Imagine eating food filled with carbon monoxide.
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