Imagine walking into a home, office, school, church, a car, or any space for that matter and taking a deep breath… what do you smell?
A lot of times we breathe in a ‘scent’ that has a slight hint of chemicals in it.
From these scents, you may have a headache set in, or maybe your throat tightens up a bit… for each person it might be a different experience.
Here’s what you need to know about the hidden toxins in air fresheners and scented candles…

…and your natural replacement options from Young Living!! The essential oils offer benefits to the body, including support to the lungs, brain, emotions, and even cleaning the air inside your home, office, or car!

How do you wash your produce?
Conventional or organic, there is always the potential of having unwelcome substances on your food. Here are the hidden toxins in herbicide covered produce, and the natural, plant-based way to thoroughly clean your fruits and veggies!


Everyone loves having a clean home, but how ‘clean’ is it really?
For a long time, I believed cleaning with the stinkiest, most repulsive cleaners was the best way to sanitize and clean my home. I was SO wrong! Not to mention how I was reluctant to even clean in the first place simply because the cleaners I would use would tend to spur up headaches and cause me not to breathe as well – even for several hours afterwards. Here’s what you NEED to know about the hidden toxins in household cleaning products, and the natural plant-based alternative that I use to clean every surface of my home will be up next!

…that’s all in the past now, thanks to Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner and the entire line of Thieves cleaning products! I save SOOO much money using Thieves cleaner – it’s a no-brainer to switch!

We all love the feel of soft, clean-smelling clothes, right?
Well, I want to share this information with you because it is uber important.
Guys, our clothes. happen to be worn on the largest organ of our body – our SKIN. Our skin is in a sense a protective shield, but it does actually soak in what is put on it – that’s why essential oils work so well when they’re used topically. But do we consider what we wash our clothes in? If not, maybe it’s time to take a look at that.
Here are the hidden toxins in laundry detergents AND fabric softeners. What you don’t know may harm you, and I’m so happy to say that we have an amazing natural option for cleaning our clothes.

I LOVE the Thieves Laundry Soap from Young Living. My clothes get clean, they smell wonderful, and I love to add a dryer ball with a couple drops of my favorite oil to the drying cycle. Consider making this switch if you haven’t yet already!


Skin. We’ve talked about this already, but in case you missed it, your SKIN is the largest organ of your body, and it does matter what you put on it because it is soaking it in. It’s really too bad that our cosmetic industry doesn’t care to see that. Seriously. With no regulations, cosmetic companies, bath, body, and skin products can be made with just about anything available. And these companies LOVE that because many of those ingredients are CHEAP to manufacture.
Here are the FACTS of the hidden toxins in toiletries and beauty products – save the list of ingredients to AVOID and go through your bathroom cabinets and look at your labels. I hate to break the news to you, but even those high-end products that have these ingredients in there are JUNK.
Fortunately we have amazing natural alternatives from Young Living that not only help with a younger, more youthful appearance of our skin, but they also help our bodies to stay healthy.

Natural & effective!

Young Living has a really incredible make-up line called Savvy Minerals! There’s even a starter kit featuring Savvy Minerals – perfect for sharing Young Living with your friends!

For a long time, antibiotics were ‘the thing’ to be on, to use, etc. to “be healthy.” Well, research is finding that’s not so much the case when it comes to man-made antibiotics.
Take your gut for example. You, me, and each and every one of us have bacteria in our guts. Much of that bacteria is there to keep us HEALTHY. We call it GOOD bacteria. Then there’s the bad bacteria that we can get and it may cause us to be sick. Without going into too much science stuff, just know that bacteria has a purpose to our health, and if we use antibiotics that wipe out the entire micro-biome in our gut, we lose that ability to naturally fight off disease to be healthy. That’s why probiotics are SO important (like Young Living’s amazing Life 9 probiotic).
Since our skin absorbs what we put on it, what we wash our hands with does matter. Same thing for how we maintain good oral hygiene.
Read more into the hidden toxins in antibacterial soaps and toothpastes…

Look into the natural alternatives Young Living offers – they’re thebomb .com!! 🙂