This post was created to connect you with the resources of some great mindset coaches. Refer to this page as often as you need — we all get into ruts sometimes, but we don’t need to stay there. We hope this post, along with your Young Living essential oils, will provide a boost for your life.

Mel Robbins

A Keynote Speaker of Young Living’s 2018 International Grand Convention

Dr. Wayne Dyer

A Keynote Speaker at Young Living’s 2013 International Grand Convention


Take a notice to what is sitting on his night stand in the photo below… (screen shot from

several Young Living Essential Oils!


Sound Therapy | Meditation

Activate Pineal Gland | Open Third Eye | Heal Heart Chakra
963Hz + 852Hz + 639Hz


Young Living

The Millennial Mindset | Adam Green + Maura McDanel

Conscious Language | Sonya Swan

Duplication | Adam Green