My Journey

My journey with Young Living began in May 2012, when I experienced the Raindrop Technique - a type of massage using Young LIving with everyone. I whole-heartedly believe that Young Living stands alone as a company that cares for the earth, let alone its strict standards for producing the purest, highest quality essential oils today. Young Living goes above and beyond to make all of our products for a purpose, not for a profit.

My casual sharing of my favorite Young Living products with my friends, their friends, and their friends, has created an amazing residual income that I am excited to see happening also for among so many Young Living members today. Nothing is more rewarding than to share a life-changing product with others who find their own testimony in its benefits - working together, we can reach and help so many people who are looking for what we have to offer in Young Living: wellness, purpose, and abundance!

Over the course of my career with Young Living, I have expanded my knowledge in Naturopathy - through Trinity School of Natural Health; I am a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Yoga Teacher 200hr through LifePower Yoga, and I am certified in Yoga for Sports Performance.

Becoming a Massage Therapy Practitioner in 2011 through Wellspring School of Allied Health in Kansas City was truly what pushed me deep into learning about the benefits of holistic care - the effectiveness of bodywork, as well as an introduction into so many different elements and modalities to support the body, mind, and spirit. All throughout my life, I had used my body for playing sports - soccer, basketball, a little volleyball, cheerleading, track & field, and competitive horseback riding. It was not hard to see how effective massage therapy is for helping to support the body - and same goes for essential oils. I grew up in a sports family, and only wish I would have had Young Living in my life as a kid. In 2015, I received a call from the Head Athletic Trainer of an professional football team who was looking for Raindrop and using essential oils with their team. It makes me so happy to see the look on someones face when they walk into a space that after one deep breath of air filled with essential oils, stress literally starts to slip away from their mind and the body begins to relax.

The leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations. - Revelation 22:2

Connecting into Young Living has enhanced so much in my life. I have met countless new friends through Young Living, and have learned so much about myself and continually seeing how awesome it is to see the positive in every day. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned along my journey, (while always learning more) and empowering others with resources, products, and information intended to support you and your family.

Join us!

- Kristen