So you have your beginner’s box full of oily goodness . . . but are you asking yourself, “Now what??”

This class is going to walk you through each item in your kit so you can learn how to best utilize every oil and product to get the most bang for your buck and begin to see how easy it can be to get into the habit of using your oils every. single. day.

*I am not a doctor. I am not here to diagnose, treat, or cure any of your illnesses. The content I cover is for informational purposes only.

#2 Usage & Safety


  1. When using pure essential oils, be sure to dilute with a carrier oil.
  2. Do not put them in your eyes or ears.
  3. Follow the directions on labels.

#3 NingXia Red

NingXia Red is one of the most popular oil-infused products YL offers. The antioxidant benefits outperform every other antioxidant supplement. Grab your 2 packets and get them in the fridge to chill so you can drink them right away! Then get 2 bottles or more 2 oz. packets in your Essential Rewards order STAT so you can continue enjoying the health benefits daily.

Learn more about Ningxia Red.

#4 Essential Rewards

Since we mentioned Essential Rewards, let’s quickly chat about. I am not sure I know of anywhere else you can shop that gives you up to 25% back on your purchase every month and the opportunity to get free products added to your order . . . but Young Living does!  When you order on Essential Rewards every month, you get rewarded! The ordering minimum is 50 PV but I recommend 100 PV on ER monthly so you can replace products in your home faster to live a more natural life and get a FREE oil each month!


Click this link to see the complete details on each of these bullets.

#5 Thieves/Thieves Vitality

Time to put your thinking cap on and research the Legend of the Four Thieves to learn how this powerful oil got its name!  This is one of the best oils for supporting your immune system!

Young Living has an entire supplements line. Here is a Supplements class that showcases different supplements that support total body wellness. One of my favorites supplements, Inner Defense, is infused with the Thieves blend! YL supplements have an 80% bioavailability rate compared to 30% for generic brands because they are infused with Essential Oils. Check out more on supplements here.

#6 Lavender & Lavender Vitality

Known as the Swiss army knife of oils because of its long list of uses! It is also an oil so gentle it can be used on babies.

If baby products interest you, check out this class on the Seedlings line. It’s formulated just for babies and works so well: Seedlings class

#7 Lemon & Lemon Vitality

Lemon essential oil contains a powerful, naturally-occurring constituent called limonene. Do a quick Google search or grab your reference book/app to learn a bit more about this powerhouse.

#8 Frankincense & Frankincense Vitality

Oh Frankincense, how I love thee . . . let me count the ways! And with over 10,000 uses, you’ll be counting for quite a while!  This oil is perfect for meditation and to promote feelings of grounding and security but it also supports healthy skin which is why it is in so many YL Skin Care products.

PRO TIP: Swap out your makeup for Savvy makeup to enhance your natural beauty with clean and beneficial products. After you explore the benefits of Frankincense, learn more about the Savvy Minerals makeup line and color matching here in this class: Savvy Minerals

#9 DiGize & DiGize Vitality

Ok, friends . . . don’t judge this one just by its smell! I promise it is worth getting used to. If you love food and sometimes you overdo it a little (or a lot), DiGize will quickly become your best friend for supporting your entire digestive system.

#10 Citrus Fresh & Citrus Fresh Vitality

The ability to fight odors shouldn’t have to come with a cost. Many air fresheners and candles contain harmful ingredients. Your diffuser is the solution. Feel at ease in your own home by making the switch. Diffuse to enjoy the scent and get the emotional benefits of essential oils at the same time.

Want more emotional support? Learn more about oils and emotions as we explore the feelings kit here: Oils & Emotions

#11 Peppermint & Peppermint Vitality

We are already halfway through exploring the starter kit with you. Think about the oils you have tried. Who in your life could benefit from these products? Your mom? Best friend? Neighbor? We have 6 more to cover, so if you haven’t thought of someone yet, you will by the end!

Young Living really stocked your starter kit with some of the best oils. You can add a drop of every Vitality oil in the kit to a vegetable capsule and support every system in your body which is one of the most effective ways to stay above the wellness line so you can feel 100% for all the things on your to-do list.

#12 Raven

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Raven is a blend of essential oils used to create a cooling, refreshing sensation when applied topically to the chest/throat area.  This is one oil you will want to dilute with a carrier. Young Living offers V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Complex, which is great to have on hand for diluting those stronger oils.

#13 PanAway

PanAway is a soothing blend when used topically. It provides comfort for muscles and joints making it a perfect pre- and post-workout oil.

If you are a gym buff or athlete, check out this link for all our favorite products to support your body inside and out.
YL for Athletes

#14 Peace & Calming

The name says it all! This oil is perfect for homes with young children, but also perfect for the parents in those quiet moments after everything has settled down. From youngest to oldest, everyone will benefit from this oil.  

#15 Valor

Valor, The KING (or queen) of confidence, is one of the original blends formulated by our founder, D. Gary Young. It can be used to set the tone for the day by promoting a positive attitude and also to calm and unwind at day’s end.

TIP: It is dark blue, so avoid getting it on your clothes. It does rub into your skin quickly.  If you think you will be diffusing this more often than rolling on, leave that roll top off.

#16 Stress Away

Who needs Calgon when you can let Stress Away take you away!  With the amazing blend of Lime and Vanilla along with several other essential oils, you can create your own peaceful oasis in the midst of your fast-paced world.

#17 Thieves Cleaner

When you make the switch to Thieves Cleaner, you are getting so much more than just a clean home . . . you are getting the peace of mind in knowing that there are no harmful ingredients that will have negative effects on you or your family, just 100% plant-based, oil-infused goodness!

Check out this link to learn more about our entire line of Thieves oil-infused products: All Things Thieves

#18 Thieves Hand Purifier

Another great product that is part of the Thieves family, Thieves Hand Purifier is perfect for on-the-go with ingredients that moisturize your skin to prevent drying.

#19 Help a friend

We share and recommend things to our friends all the time. Today, more than ever, we rely on recommendations from people we know and trust to help us get the best products and deals! The need for living a more natural lifestyle is on the rise and now you have access to a company everyone needs in their life. The best part is, when you help others get their very own Premium Starter Kit, you will get $50 from Young Living as a ‘thank you.’ It is pretty cool that we can all help others live better lives and generate an income to cover any costs we have at the same time.

The sky’s the limit with how many people you help and how much money you can make every month.

Take a look at this class Sharing Made Simple

#20 Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how to utilize all the oils you have at your fingertips! You are well on your way to fully experiencing all the Wellness, Purpose and Abundance that Young Living has to offer!

Let me (or your sponsor) know if you have any questions or want to talk more about what you feel your supplement and oil needs will be!

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