There are over 185,000 known harsh chemicals actively used in products in the United States today. The average person puts 300 chemicals a day on their skin through 4 things: soap, shampoo, makeup, and hair are. 80 of those chemicals are used before breakfast. The FDA says to date, less than 15% of all chemicals in the U.S. have been thoroughly studied for their side effects. Common side effects of chemical uses: endocrine disruptors, which make you gain weight, skin issues, asthma, and even cancer. There is a better way to get the points on out of your home. It comes down to making smarter decisions. What’s in an oil? Lemon. Peppermint. Tangerine. Sage. No yuck. No harsh chemicals. Nothing that will poison your body. I’d like to issue a 3-cabinet challenge: pick 3 cabinets in your house, and read the ingredients that are in the products you’re using. Look in your laundry room. Look under your kitchen sink and in your bathroom. If you can’t pronounce it, why are you using it?

Let’s get STARTED

As we get into talking more about essential oils, I want to be very clear that this meeting is only talking about the uses of Young Living Essential Oils. This is very important, as essential oils are not created equal. The government allows companies to put ‘100% Pure’ on the bottles and sell them as long as the bottle contains a minimum of 5% actual essential oil. This is why I only trust using Young Living brand essential oils on my family and on my clients. You’re taking a risk otherwise…

Why Young Living? They stand above all others on their strictness in quality and purity.


YL Testing:

We can all agree that driving your car for an extensive amount of miles past your oil change date would not be a wise decision. Same idea with how our bodies work. 

Our bodies require TLC  regularly to function properly. 

Unfortunately, too many people allow discomforts to be apart of their lives – they make do with it. There is a better way.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Doing healthy things regularly will help to keep your body ‘above the wellness line’ where you feel good, can manage stress better, take less sick days, and so much more.

Let’s talk about emotions – briefly. Everyone’s got ’em, so we can’t ignore them. Sometimes emotions get the best of us sometimes. No matter how hard we try to stay calm, we just snap. What if I told you how essential oils can help balance your emotions? What if I told you there is scientific evidence that simply smelling essential oils can trigger release responses and reprogram the way you think, down to the DNA? 

I’ve got you pretty intrigued, right? It’s no surprise that smell is linked to memories – maybe you smell something and it reminds you of grandmas house. Or maybe there’s a smell that is very unpleasant to you, but smells good to others, that could be linked to a negative memory. 

Essential oils can help you to break all sorts of emotional barriers – it’s a good thing, too, because these emotions bury themselves in our bodies and affect different organs…

What Are Essential Oils?

Have you ever squeezed a lemon peel and noticed the little spritz that comes from that? How about walking through a field of lavender or peppermint and noticed the beautiful fragrance? That’s the essential oil you are experiencing.

Why Young Living?

We are living in a world of dangerous chemicals, and finding natural, truly from the earth and for the earth products is not very easy. Thank goodness for Young Living! 

Did you know that most essential oils on the market today ARE NOT truly 100% pure? That’s right!

The government allows companies to put “100% Pure” on the bottles as long as the bottle contains at least 5% actual essential oil… Yikes!

Young Living is very transparent. We know exactly where are oils are from, who’s hands have been on them through the process, and how meticulously it’s been tested. 

Best stuff on earth!

How do we USE Young Living essential oils?

For you science-minded people out there, there’s TONS of stuff to learn about the science of essential oils. We won’t even scratch the surface tonight! 

But don’t worry, using essential oils is much easier than you might think!

Inhaling an oil or using an oil topically on the skin are two of the most popular ways to use essential oils. 

By simply opening the bottle and smelling it, you’re impacting your mood and even the overall health of your body.

Another way to inhale an essential oil is by diffusing it in an essential oil diffuser, which we’ll talk about later.

When applying Young Living essential oils to the skin, we don’t need to use much at all – really! 1 to 2 drops of an essential oil is usually sufficient, and more is not necessarily better.

Another way to use essential oils is by taking them internally. Young Living has a specific essential oil line called “Vitality” that feature white labels and these are labeled for dietary supplement use! This makes it super easy for us to know which oils are recommended for internal use, versus those that are not and recommended for topical and aromatic use.

When starting with using essential oils, it is important to think “low and slow” – no need to cover yourself at one time with every oil that smells good!

It is important to remember that every body has been exposed to different things throughout our lives. Sometimes people experience what they think are “allergic reactions” when they use a Young Living oil, but here’s what you need to know: the reaction that could be happening could very well be tied to an emotional response or could be a detoxing reaction. For example, think about all of the different cosmetic and beauty products we’ve applied to our skin over our lifetime. Those products likely had petrochemicals in them, which are man-made ingredients that our bodies don’t do well with but adapt to as well as they can (until the body is so weighed-down with them that our body experiences dis-ease) – sometimes people experience some itching, maybe a rash, or other skin irritations when applying oils. Why does that happen? Well, the oils are helping to dispel those petrochemical toxins that shouldn’t be in the body. 

If you or anyone you know experiences any kind of reaction while using YL oils, it is important to increase water consumption, ease up on using oil but don’t completely give them up, and rest. Your body is using the oil to help it rebuild itself to be a healthy body. Once things feel better, try adding more oil usage to your routine to see how you feel.

IF AN OIL IS APPLIED TO SENSITIVE SKIN or gets in the EYES by accident, use a carrier oil, such as COCONUT OIL or EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL to dilute the essential oil. NEVER USE WATER TO DILUTE on an area of the skin where the oil is causing discomfort.

NEVER apply oils in the ears, into the eyes, or up the nose.

Be aware that citrus oils are PHOTOSENSITIVE which means that if you apply a photosensitive oil where the sun shines, the chance of experiencing a sunburn is higher. Give your skin a good 72 hours before exposing your skin to the sun after applying a citrus oil topically.


Young Living hasn’t forgotten about our littles and our fur babies.

We actually have whole product lines created specially for these bodies which we won’t cover in this class specifically, but we will cover a number of products that can be used on kids of all ages, and on animals.


Lavender is considered to be “The Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils” meaning, if you’re not sure what you’re to use, try Lavender. It has a huge variety of uses, and smells like REAL Lavender. 

Did you know that Lavender and Peppermint are two of the most adulterated oils on the market? That means that all of that “lavender” scented stuff is mostly chemical yuck. If you don’t typically like the Lavender scent, you may be pleasantly surprised when you experience Young Living’s Lavender!

Here is a DIY video with Lavender:


Are you someone who likes to have Lemon in your water? 

Did you know that even when washed, it’s likely there may still be some chemical residue on the fruit and you could be consuming it! 

I LOVE to drink Lemon Vitality oil in my water throughout the day. I carry around a glass bottle filled with water and a drop or two of Lemon Vitality. 

Note: Only drink essential oils out of glass or stainless steel! Plastics and styrofoam are made with petrochemicals and the oils digest them – for us, that’s excellent! Oils rid our bodies of petrochemicals that cause dis-ease!

Lemon oil is a magnificent cleaner. You can find lemon as an ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaning products!

Use a few drops of Lemon in your diffuser – oh so fresh and so clean! 


Speaking of consuming essential oils…. A friend of mine just texted me a few minutes ago letting me know that she was baking brownies with Peppermint Vitality oil in it and that it smelled SO good! 

Peppermint is highly recognized for its support to the digestive system. There have also been studies done on its energizing effects, and support to mental focus! 

At times that you feel too warm, Peppermint oil literally cools you down if you were to put a drop or two on the bottoms of your feet, or on your neck and shoulders – or make a spray!

Peppermint is considered a ‘hot’ oil, so if you have sensitivities to this oil, or any oil, apply a carrier oil such as Young Living’s V-6 or coconut oil onto the location.


Frankincense was my first love when I first got started with my Young Living journey. You may recognize Frankincense from the Bible – let me tell you, it wasn’t brought to Jesus for nothing! 

Frankincense is really awesome for your skin and for the overall health of your body. It even helps people look AND feel younger, from the inside out and the outside in. 

We talked about emotions earlier, and want to point out how Frankincense is especially great for lifting spirits when feeling down. It also has a number of physical benefits.

For either purpose, apply a couple drops topically to your hands and apply to back of neck, wrists, feet, and inhale from your hands or diffuse. Like all of these oils, a must have for every home!

Just a general overview of an oil we call “Frank” 😊


Panaway! This one gets used quite a bit on muscle, skeletal and joint discomforts. Wherever you feel a discomfort, apply a drop or two topically on location and apply as needed.


DiGize (pronounced Dye-Gyze, like “Digestion”) 

That’s right! This oil is blended specifically to support your digestive tract! No matter where on the digestive spectrum you’re needing support! 

To some, it may not smell the greatest, but let me tell you from experience. It definitely WORKS!

When I feel I need it, I apply 2 to 3 drops to my abdomen, rubbing my hand in a clockwise direction around my belly button.


Live with THIEVES!!! 

I can’t say enough about the amazingness of Thieves, so if any of you want to chip in some, that would be superb 👌🏻

I’ll just say that the Thieves EO smells amazing in the diffuser with some Lavender oil, and I use the entire Thieves Household cleaning line! ❤️❤️

Young Living has an AMAZING household line made with the Thieves essential oil blend! Literally ALL of my household cleaners that I used before – window cleaner, bathroom, kitchen, carpets, you name it – have all been replaced with Thieves Household Cleaner! And THAT’s just 1 of the Thieves line products!!

Check this video out on how you can use Thieves Cleaner 3 Ways:


Is any one STRESSED here? 

…Well, let’s be real. 😅

Stress Away is a great oil to diffuse when tension is in the air, or in your body. It’s also helpful to apply a couple drops to your neck and shoulders to relieve stressful tension!


Do you believe in taking care of yourself every day – or most days? If you’re striving to be healthier, but just don’t have the time, or snacking more than you know you should, I want to introduce you to Ningxia Red (pronounced: Ning-sha Red).

I have been drinking this nearly every day since 2012! ❤️

All you need is an ounce or two a day! But you can have more if you want to!

Ningxia Red is a nutrient-packed, antioxidant juice drink made with amazing ingredients that help our bodies to thrive in health. Every body should be drinking this daily!!

Learn More about Ningxia 


We mentioned how we can use our essential oils in a diffuser – but what is a diffuser exactly?

An essential oil diffuser is a device that typically plugs into the wall for electricity, and what it does is helps the essential oil molecules to release into the air. Oftentimes, diffusers will require water in its reservoir along with several drops of oil.

Combining the oil and water in the diffuser creates a very nice smelling and nice feeling environment in any room of your house.

The diffuser will help to disperse the essential oils into the air, which brings out many of the therapeutic benefits that a particular oil offers. Diffusing essential oils is a very easy way to passively intake the benefits of the oils.

Below is a picture of just one of Young Living’s awesome diffusers. This diffuser is called the Aria. Like pictured, many families love to have their diffusers next to their beds to support better sleep, but a diffuser in every room in the house is never frowned upon. They really do add a great element to your home – and it’s so healthy for you!! 

No need to burn candles, use wall plugins, or aerosol sprays that are all known to have harsh, healthy-depleting ingredients in them. Create a healthier home by REPLACING with OILS & DIFFUSERS!


Are you ready to begin your journey using essential oils?

It’s super easy to get started and it’s fun to learn along the way of ways we can enhance our health! 

You will be invited to join a supportive community of people from around the world who using essential oils and Young Living products every single day. As a team, we offer additional support, resources, tools, and coaching to help you along the way.

The Starter Kit is all you need to get to start getting discounted prices, reduced shipping, coaching, and more! 


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