Aromatherapy Models

There are a lot of misconceptions in the world on how essential oils should be applied, but I believe it all comes down to one thing: PURITY. This piece is to educate you on why Young Living teaches up to use the oils in the ways that we do - aromatically, topically, and internally. 

In the aromatherapy world, there are 3 different schools of aromatherapy application: 

  • The German model
  • The British model
  • The French model

The German model is strictly aromatherapy use - inhalation, only. As a matter of fact, “therapeutic” is illegal to put on essential oil bottles. 

The British model is what most aromatherapists who a ‘certified’ or even the mass of education that is out there in the aromatherapy world follow the British model. This model teaches to dilute the essential oils heavily before applying topically, and you should not ever ingest essential oils. When you look at it from an essential oil purity standpoint, the essential oils that are produced there are fragrance grade oils and they are likely to be synthetic. The English government knows that their oils are cut with synthetics, and in turn they require dilution to “protect the people”, and it is actually illegal to use an oil topically undiluted. 

The French model is what Young Living follows, which teaches that you can use essential oils internally, and you can apply them topically without having to dilute them (unless being used with the most sensitive skin). The French use “therapeutic” oils, French medical doctors use essential oils for healing, every day in every way, and they prescribe essential oils through pharmacology.

Gary Young brought back his first seeds from France to start growing lavendula angustifolia in the states. He was also trained by French experts in the art of distilling, and that’s why Young Living is the purest, highest quality essential oils that we can buy today.

On a side note about Lavender from France - did you know that each year, France exports 10 times the amount of ‘lavender’ oil than the country actually produces? Synthetics, hybrids, and synthetics…

Be educated, know your stuff, and educate others! Most people do not realize that there are different models of application and maybe will only assume one is right, because that is what they were told first! Again, each of these models follows the purity and quality of the oils that are produced in that country - to “protect the people”. Know the source of the information!

Purity and quality, thanks to the Seed to Seal guarantee, is why we in Young Living promote the use of internal use, topical use (without diluting), and of course aromatic use.