Memory & Brain Support


Related Issues

Nervous system issues
Circulatory issues
Hormone imbalance

Organs or Systems Affected

Gut/Digestive system
Circulatory system
Nervous system
Glandular system

Top Causes of Memory Issues:

Drug side effects - check physicians’ desk reference for possible related issues. Many Pharma side-effects include constipation. If you cannot poop, you cannot think because you’re full of it.

Elimination/Toxicity - when the oxygen to waste ratio is out of balance, the brain cannot function at peak performance. This is either from taking too much junk food or hindered elimination. Learn more.

Emotional - some traumatic memories are blocked out. Stress and being overwhelmed can decrease the capacity to retain any more information. See emotions or flower remedies.

Heavy Metals - these directly interrupt the flow of electricity through the nervous system and harden tissues that should be soft.

Injury - whether in the brain, spinal column, neck or nerve tissue, a disruption in electrical flow will prevent access to certain areas of the brain.

Junk food - clogging up the circulatory system will decrease the oxygen level in the blood to the brain and leads to toxicity.

We Need

Antioxidants: fight against free radicals and other toxins to prevent further damage.

Good Food: the resources needed on a daily basis and to build reserves. Empty food without anything bad in it does not count. 

Good H2O: as a large percentage of a healthy body, it is needed in every cell process. Anything less than the proper amount of water will hinder productivity everywhere in the body.

Good Sleep: the nervous system, emotions and brain need a break. Sleep provides the much needed rest to be ready for another day of demands.

Movement/Fitness/Exercise: when muscles are used regularly, the body knows to continue to build, repair, and maintain the structural system. Unused muscles will atrophy. It is easier to maintain healthy structure than to achieve it.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): essentially needed in every cell, particularly the brain. Without good fats, soft tissue becomes hard, and the nervous system lacks the necessary building blocks to repair.

Trace Minerals: without these, the other macro nutrients cannot be utilized properly and may even build up as deposits.

Salts: an electrical level that is too high or too low will directly result in poor performance by the nervous system and connected tissues. 

Other Things to Consider

pH: speed of digestion for nutrient absorption and elimination for waste removal play a critical role at any age. Learn more.

Breathing: the brain needs 5 times the oxygen as any other organ. What productivity level should be expected when it receives 10 percent of what it really wants? 

Digestion: enzyme production and overall function of the digestive organs will determine how much nutrition is obtained from food and then dispersed to the rest of the body. Learn more.

Spiritual: every issues has a spiritual component.

Sugar Imbalance: improper sugar levels affect the oxygen level in the blood which will impact the brain and liver. 

Salts: an electrical level that is too high or too low will directly result in poor performance by the nervous system and connected tissues. 


Where to start:

  • Breathe
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Drink more water
  • Work on cleansing blood and building up nutrients
  • Address elimination pathways - are all working properly?
  • Stress & emotions
  • Structural & energy balancing

What to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Incorrect calcium
  • Processed foods
  • Processed milk
  • Stress at meals
  • Unnatural substances
  • White flour
  • White sugar

The brain absolutely needs very specific yet simple nutrients.
Use daily to ensure the brain and nervous system have abundant nutrients to carry out the demands for both today, and every day in the future.

Essential Oil Singles to Support Memory

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Essential Oil Blends to Support Memory

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Supplements to Support Brain Health

Reduce or Eliminate exposure to: