Business Roll-on Recipes

The Rising Star Blend 

Credit: Star Moree, YL Diamond

Jade Lemon
Lemon Myrtle
Black Spruce
Ylang Ylang

Each oil is used in equal parts:
2 drops each for 5ml
4 drops each for 10ml
2 drops each for 4 oz spray bottle


Momentum with Confidence

Credit: Debra Raybern, YL Royal Crown Diamond

10 drops Sacred Frankincense

3 drops Highest Potential

5 drops Into the Future

3 drops Present Time

5 drops Motivation

3 drops Gathering 

1 drop Abundance

8 drops Believe


Diamond or Bust

Credit: Amanda Friedl, YL Diamond

4 drops Abundance

4 drops Highest Potential

3 drops Present Time

3 drops Gathering

5 drops Into the Future

5 drops Envision

8 drops Believe

12 drops Sacred Frankincense


Royal Crown Diamond Blend

Credit: Lindsey Elmore

10 drops Oola Grow

5 drops Neroli

3 drops Believe

2 drops Highest Potential

3 drops Motivation

5 drops Orange

4 drops Lavender