Are you ready to GROW? Let's go! Let's duplicate.

As long as you stick to the 5 IPA's, it doesn't matter how, but that you accomplish those 5, you will grow!

  1. Enroll new members
  2. Get members on ER
  3. Help team Enroll new members
  4. Increase OGV
  5. Flip silvers (teach them how to do 1-4)


Text “IPA” to 816.406.0230 to get an IPA (Income Producing Activity) checklist sent to your phone every Monday and Wednesday!


Now that you have a new member, it's time to get organized! 

Let's dive into the simple tools we have in place to keep track of your members. But first, we must get oily! 

Steps to get motivated and create ABUNDANCE:

  1. Fill your diffuser with an oil you love. My favorite office blend is Believe.
  2. Take a NingXia Nitro shot
  3. Apply Brain Power blend to your wrists and inhale. 
  4. Apply Abundance oil. I don't care where you put it. I put it on my ankles. Just put it on. It's got the vibration to attract abundance - so use it!!

Let's talk a little more about follow up. 

Follow up is one of the most important things to keep your business growing.

Do you often wonder, "How should I connect?", "How do I keep track?", "What should I do to get them interested and set up on ER?"

It's simple: ask them how they like to communicate, communicate often, and put a system in place to stay organized.

Since incorporating multiple forms of education (email series, texting series, FB group/education, online classes, follow-up systems, monthly newsletters), we have not only had our ER % increase but the percent of people sharing with others has gone up, too. 

Systems make things simple, trackable, and duplicable. They also help with organization. I use a spreadsheet on my computer to keep track of my members to keep me organized and know what to do and when to do it. It's nothing fancy, but it works and I encourage you to keep a spreadsheet, as well. Staying on top of it will help you keep track and follow-up, and, well... the fortune is in the follow-up!  
Speaking of systems, GROworkspace.com has TONS of excellent business tracking materials that will help to grow your Essential Rewards percentage exponentially! 

The columns on my spreadsheet are as follows:
  • Account Name 
  • Member Number
  • City/State
  • Phone Number
  • Sign-up/Order/Reactivation Date
  • Essential Rewards Member?
  • (all info provided in your Virtual Office)
  • Preferred Method of Contact
  • Welcome Email/Call/Text sent? ASAP
  • revolutionarywellness.com member?
  • Welcome Gift Given? (within 1-2 weeks of signing up)
  • Starter Kit Box-Opening with New Member ASAP (encourage to invite new member's friends to join box opening)

Time for Stress Away! 

Promise me before you dive into the rest of the lesson that you will get out your Stress Away, put it in the diffuser, and take a few deep breaths. I know it looks like a lot but I promise once you get familiar with the form you will see that the steps are simple and we have already created EVERYTHING you need to to make it easy. If you can copy and paste, this will be a breeze. 

Follow this system and I know you will have your members on ER in their first three months of signing up and some will even start sharing with others. 


  • Add your member to Facebook Group?
  • Send a Personal Welcome email and/or letter 
    Everyone likes a "personal touch". Sending a 'thank-you' for joining Young Living with a little bit of your story, and a few tips is a great place to begin when getting your new members started. 

3 Days after they become a member...

Shoot them a quick text to check in. Have they explored the FB group(s)? Downloaded the reference app?

You have a few options to help them dive into their PSK.

You can...

  • Ask if you can set up a time to go over some things now that they have their kit. You can do this as a one-on-one, in person, over Facetime or Skype. Go through their kit a little more with them. Ask if they are interested in making any of the roll-on recipes..
  • Get them connected to this website,invite them to attend a group class in-person... The point here is to provide them with SOMETHING that will help them learn to use the products from their PSK every day. 


10 Days after they become a member...

If they haven't indicated whether they have received their kit, send them a text to ask if it has arrived.

If they say no, you can call Young Living for them and find out what the delay is. Otherwise, check off the box "Did they get their kit yet?" to indicate they did receive their PSK! 

Have they joined this this website yet to access all of the product and wellness education classes? If yes, check off the box to indicate they did. If not, this is a great time to remind them to do so. Tell them you are excited to get it and help them. (An easy gentle reminder). 

30 Days after they become a member...

Make sure you check in and see how everything is going and ask them what they are enjoying most! 

Check in every month after they become a member...

Check in via their preferred method of contact. Find out how they are feeling from incorporating their 3-month wellness plan. 

Build a relationship with your members.

Create trust and respect. 

Build with integrity.

If you have not asked your new member about hosting a class with their new Starter Kit within the first month or so of their membership, let's do that right away. Your new member may or may not feel ready to take on teaching a whole class, but that's why you're there! Create a discussion, share laughs and great tips, and create a community.