Ever wonder why some folks smell when they sweat and others do not?

How does our toxic world come into play?

How can we better support our bodies?

We've covered pH, and the next important step to getting our health on track is making sure all of our elimination pathways are functioning the way they were designed. There are several ways that the body eliminates toxins...

Our eliminating organs of the body are:

The body has a natural ability to repair itself.

The first step in health is to clean the gut. 

Oh, snap. What does that mean? Basically, our digestive tract is our second brain. If our digestive tract, or our gut, is not functioning properly, the brain may not be functioning properly, either. 

Let's chat about Elimination through the Bowels

    • Even if you eat right and live a basically “clean” life, a cleanse can restore your immune system’s ability to resist toxins including bacteria, viruses and parasites.
    • You should be 💩 2-3 times per day.
    • A healthy 💩 sinks slowly.
    • A healthy 💩 is smooth and soft, formed into one long shape and not a bunch of pieces.
    • About one to two inches in diameter and up to 18 inches long.
    • S-shaped, which comes from the shape of your lower intestine.
    • Water, fiber, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients have a role in bowel health. 

Colon (Large Intestine Facts)

  • Our colon is as long as we are tall
  • The diameter of our colon is equal to that of our wrist
  • For every foot of colon we can store 5 - 10 pounds of feces
  • The colon re-absorbs fluids 8 - 10 times every 30 minutes
  • The colon has referral areas that are similar to the reflexology points on our hands and feet
  • To the degree your colon is clean, is to the degree your bloodstream is clean
  • One "colonic" equals three days of fasting
  • The ascending colon controls the aging process in the body

Self-Test of Transit of Nutrients

  1. Drink 1 tablespoon Sesame seeds with water
  2. Seeds should show up 12-24 hours later

Let's chat about Elimination through the Lungs

  • Breathing clean air is essential to get cleansing oxygen to all of the cells as well as removing toxins and waste
  • Nothing leaves the body unless it is first combined with oxygen
  • 90% of our energy comes from just breathing the air
  • 10 deep breaths a day can release three pounds of toxins - just in the first week
    • Goal: breathe deep 70 times in one week

Let's chat about Elimination through the Lymphatic System

  • Massage and movement
  • Stinky sweat? Elimination issue.
  • 4-7 pounds of lipstick is licked/absorbed in a lifetime

 Did you know?

  • Our skin is responsible for eliminating one-fourth of the body’s detoxification each day!
  • All products placed on the skin are then detoxified by the liver and kidney.
  • The World Health Organization research implicates environmental chemicals in 60-80% of all cancers.
  • Customers ages 55+ generated more than 60% of laxative sales.
  • In 2014, P&G had $900 million in laxative sales
  • Four of the top 20 prescription drugs are for GI issues.

Food Toxins

Annually, on average, Americans consume the following:

  • 4 pounds of food additives
  • 28 pounds of French fries
  • 54 gallons of soda/person
  • 150 - 200 pounds of sugar in all forms (sugar depletes B vitamins)
  • Heavy metal toxins (hangs out in soft tissues of the body)


  • There are over 2,000,000 synthetics
  • 25,000 are added each year
  • 30,000 are produced on a commercial scale with not even 1% being tested
  • Plastic wrap gives off chemicals called phthalates which lead to hormone imbalance, disrupted brain chemistry, and even abnormal cell growth
  • If you consume salty foods or caffeinated drinks, this will create more of a burden on the kidneys. Our kidneys filter out our blood 15 times per hour

Detox & Cleanse

What is Detoxification?
Detoxification is a cleansing, rebuilding, maintaining program utilizing fiber, natural foods, probiotics, etc. for ongoing support.

  • Toxins are something that interferes with normal physiology and negatively impacts bodily function.
  • Detoxification, or purification, is the process of bringing a toxic body back into balance by eliminating the poisons that have overloaded bodily organs and upset the body’s equilibrium.

How do we support our bodies?

  • We NEED movement
  • We NEED to choose better products to use on our bodies, cleaning our homes, and cleaning the air
    • emotional
    • physical
    • spiritual

Spring and fall are the best times as we naturally transition into a new season.

Essential Oils to Support Cleansing


Cleansing the colon and liver is the first and most important step to take when dealing with any disease. Many imbalances may be corrected by cleansing alone. Products that cleanse the body include the Cleansing Trio (ComforTone, Essentialzyme, and ICP), JuvaTone, JuvaCleanse, JuvaCleanse Vitality, JuvaFlex, JuvaFlex Vitality, GLF, GLF Vitality, and ParaFree.

Balance and Build

After cleansing, it is easier to balance and nourish the systems of the body. This includes rebuilding and nourishing beneficial flora and re-mineralizing the blood and tissues. Products that build the body include Mineral Essence, Essentialzyme, Essentialzymes-4, MultiGreens, Slique Shake, MegaCal, Master Formula, Ningxia Red, Ningxia Zyng, Life 9, Pure Protein Complete, OmegaGize3, Sulfurzyme, Super B, Super C, Super C Chewables, KidScents MightyVites, KidScents MightyZyme, etc. 

Nourish and Support

Supporting the endocrine and immune systems comprises the third phase. Products include Exodus II, Thieves, ImmuPro, Mineral Essence, Essentialzyme, Essentialzymes-4, Life 9, KidScents MightyVites, KidScents MightyZyme, Super B, Super C, Master Formula, Thyromin, EndoGize, Ningxia Red, Prostrate Health, Progessence Plus, Slique Shake, Pure Protein Complete, and others.

    Ancillary Tools & Practices

    • Massage
    • Colonics, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Enemas
    • Chiropractic
    • Energy work - balancing physical and emotional body
    • Exercise
    • Saunas
    • Bathology, Hydrotherapy - take a bath
    • Aromatherapy, Essential Oils - certain essential oils provoke not only a physical balance but also an emotional balance
    • Reflexology
    • Color Therapy - every color has a vibration
    • Oil pulling therapy
    • Rest
    • Emotional Cleansing
    • Address parasites
    • Candida - multilayered approach

    Emotions & Elimination

    The emotion tied to the bowels is “feeling stuck”.
    The emotion tied to the urinary is “fear”.
    The emotion tied to the lungs is “grief and unexpressed sadness”
    The emotion tied to the lymph is “letting go”
    The emotion tied to the skin is “obsessiveness” 

    The American Dental Association recommends having your teeth professionally cleaned twice per year. Who is making the recommendations for body cleansing?

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