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Support for Hair, Skin, & Nails

Skin Support

The skin is a reflection of what’s going on INSIDE of the body.
Address digestive health. 


Here are some favorites for skin support:

Young Living’s ART Skincare line, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, face wash, deodorant

Charcoal Bar Soap

Essential Oil Singles

Lavender/Lavender Vitality
Melaleuca Alternifolia


Master Formula


Ningxia Red


Essential oils can have powerful antioxidant benefits for the skin.

Essential oils used on the skin are often combined with a vegetable carrier oil, such as Young Living’s V-6 carrier oil, to:

  • Slow evaporation, allowing more time for the oils to penetrate the skin
  • Maintain the lipid barrier of the skin because most essential oils will tend to dry the skin
  • Enhance the effect of the essential oils because many oils work well synergistically in a vegetable oil

Many skin conditions are related to dysfunctions of the liver. It may be necessary to cleanse, stimulate, and condition the liver and colon for 3-90 days before the skin begins to improve.

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