How to Sign-up New Members

Guide your new member with these steps to sign up:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Become a Member 
  3. Choose Membership (Member/wholesale is recommended)
  4. Enter your assigned Young Living member number into the Sponsor and Enroller boxes
  5. Select a Starter Kit (A Premium Starter Kit is recommended)
  6. Enroll in Essential Rewards (optional, but earns a free gift + money back onto their account for a future purchase AND free access to all of the resources on this site for as long as they're on Essential Rewards)
  7. Complete Membership Info and Proceed to Checkout!

If any problems occur, contact Young Living at 1.800.371.3515
or Live Help on

Learn how to share Young Living with confidence:

"How much do I earn?"

For each new Young Living member you enroll, you will earn 25% commission off of the PV total of their orders within their first three (3) months of membership.

When you enroll a new member with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, you will earn an additional $25 bonus. 

With that said, for each new member that you sign up with a Premium Starter Kit, you will receive $50*. So, if you hosted a class where three people signed up with Premium Starter Kits, that's an earning of at least $150 -- which is in addition to the Essential Rewards bonus that's talked about below...

Basic Starter Kits do not qualify for the $25 Premium Starter Kit bonus.

*Be sure to set up your preferred payout method under My Account - My Profile when you sign into your account at

Help Your New Members Enroll in Essential Rewards

You, the enroller will receive a $15 bonus in addition to the $25 Premium Starter Kit bonus AND the 25% unilevel commission based on your new member's order whenever the new member joins Essential Rewards with a successfully processed 100 PV order!* 

The Numbers:

$15 ER Bonus + $25 PSK Bonus + 25% of the PV total
For example, my new member orders a PSK (100pv value) and adds on 200pv in additional product making the PV total for their order 300pv. They join Essential Rewards right away with that order. I will earn:
$15 ER Bonus + $25 PSK Bonus + 25% of 300pv = $115
Do that with 3 people each month, and that's putting close to $350 in your pocket at least per month! -- and that's in addition to what you could earn from your members signing up new members of their own!

*The bonus will be retracted, however, if the enrollee returns their order.

About Essential Rewards

How to Share Your Own Customized 
Young Living Sign-up Link

Watch the video below to learn how.
If you have opted-in to receiving texts through our text system, you may text MY LINK to 816.406.0230 to receive your link via text.
Save the link in your Notes of your phone for easy access when sharing.

You May Offer Enrollment Incentives

Incentivize with integrity! 
When you enroll new Young Living members and introduce them to the incredible products we have to offer, you can only offer up to $25 value in enrollment incentives. 
You may also give new members compliance references. 
Here are some helpful suggestions for what you can and cannot use when getting new members excited with incentives:
Offer the $25 value in gift cards, product credit, etc. but never in cash, or cash sent through online money transfer services like PayPal or Venmo. You may also offer reference materials in addition to the $25 value.
If you choose to offer a variety of gifts as a bundle, keep a record of the items' cost to ensure it does not exceed the $25 limit.
Keep enrollment incentives distinctly separate from other discounts or promotions.
Enrollment incentives should not be used to discount the price of Young Living products in advertising or websites, social media, etc. This aligns with Young Living's Minimum Advertised Price policy found in YL's Policies & Procedures.