How to Start

Open your calendar, grab some friends, and schedule a meeting! That’s it! Rinse and repeat!


Premium Starter Kit
Product Guide

Step 1: Introduce yourself + get to know others in your audience. Listen for pain points they are addressing. Pain points are considered in business as things that your customer is wanting to address, and where you want to listen to fill the needShare why you got started on this journey. Invite them to take notes and write down people who come to mind who they think could benefit from the information you share in the meeting.

Step 2: Open up your Young Living Product Guide and share the information about Seed to Seal, What are Essential Oils, and How to Use Essential Oils.

Step 3: Pass around each of the oils in your kit and share a few of your favorite highlights about them. If you need help with this, you can refer to the Essential Oil Basics section of our site.

Step 4: Talk about a Healthier Home and Essential Rewards

Step 5: Talk about the benefits of joining Young Living with you and being a part of the Revolutionary Wellness community, and share How to Sign-up! Offer any incentives to join (from YL or from you), plus talk about the Monthly Promos. Then, schedule a time to meet with them to go over their Kit when it arrives.

BONUS: have their friends over for the Kit unboxing (repeat Steps 1-5 - rinse and repeat!)

Want a printable script? Here's a template script that you can copy and edit to make it yours: Essential Oil Basics Template

If you have your phone or computer handy, you are always welcome to use the Essential Oil Basics source to teach your class.

More info on Business Basics


Using the 150 Uses Fast & Fabulous (from LSP)


Step 1: Same as above.

Step 2: Same as above.

Step 3: Pass around 150 Uses (LSP book) and have each person randomly pick an oil of the PSK, have them read about the uses out of the book, and pass around the corresponding oil to have everyone experience it.


Step 4: Same as above.

Step 5: Same as above.



How to Fill Classes Without Knowing People

Market the class for at least two to three weeks before the event. Why? People need a heads up. Standard network marketing numbers are that if you have a class of ten, two or three will get kits.

After that class, find the enthusiast - the one that got the kit and loves it - and ask to teach to their circle of friends. Ask three from the class to go into your next event and everyone invite people. Always tap into new friend circles, and don’t keep speaking to the same people. A word of caution: it grows FAST! If you are tenacious and stick with it, your family business will not look the same one year from now!



  1. Have everyone bring a dish to pass. Hungry people sit still when they have foot in their bellies. Do not make all the food yourself!
  2. Don’t take health questions.
  3. Pass around a clipboard and collect their names, emails, and addresses so you can follow up later. This is the most important thing you can do! If you don’t collect their information, you have lost every contact that came to the class.
  4. Start by telling how you got involved with oils. Share your script or show the Essential Oil Basics video if you don’t want to speak. End by having everyone smell the oils in the Premium Starter Kit and explain how the kit can be used.
  5. End with a strong closing script and tell them how to order on the Young Living website. You will not sell any starter kits if you don't tell people where to go. Just tell them where you started your journey. It doesn’t have to come off as salesy. It just has to be genuine. Have a laptop set up with internet access so they can order right at the class.
  6. Give them an organza bag with a photo of the starter kit, step-by-step information on how to sign up, your business card, and freebie.



The final piece: Pick up the phone and call the people who came to the class! We follow the mantra of 3-10-30. Check in three days after the class, ten days after, and 30 days after. 

You’ll run across people who say they’re not interested (drop them), those who say they are interested but got sidetracked (walk them through getting the kit), and those who say they can’t afford it right now (they’re actually telling you they don’t know they need it). Find their biggest struggle, and make them something oily that will bless them.

For those who got the Kit at the meeting, use the same 3-10-30 motto. What oils have they not used? Do they know how to use the diffuser? Get learning resources into their hands, or get them plugged into and other Young Living resources, and explain Essential Rewards. Offer to teach a class or invite their friends over for a meeting.