Roll-on Recipes

Average Number of Drops in a Bottle

15ml = 250 drops
5ml = 85 drops
2ml = 34 drops
.25ml packets = 4 drops


Cough & Cold Bomb

20 drops Thieves
10 drops Lemon
10 drops RC


High Frequency Roller Blend

6 drops Inspiration
5 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
2 drops Rose
1 drops Highest Potential


Raindrop in a Bottle

In a 5ml bottle.
Disclaimer: receiving the Raindrop Technique offers more benefits than the Raindrop in a bottle offers alone. Both are beneficial, but the Raindrop Technique is the preferred application for the Raindrop oils.

25 drops Valor

10 drops Oregano

5 drops Basil

5 drops Wintergreen 

5 drops Cypress

5 drops Marjoram

5 drops Aroma Siez

5 drops Peppermint


Namaste Blend

5 drops Lavender 

5 drops Frankincense