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Become a Product of the Product

One of the really cool things about Young Living is that they create products that sell themselves. Truly. I have not ever felt like a salesperson with Young Living, and this is why…

I remember starting out with Young Living and looking through the Product Guide page by page and marking the things that interested me. When it was a new month and my Essential Rewards order was about to send out, I would add a new product onto my order to try, and with anxiousness and excitement, tear that box open when it was finally dropped off at my door — I couldn’t wait to use my new goodies!

With all of the awesome freebies Young Living gives away with qualifying orders each month, it’s easy to create an abundance of new products to try and find some that you love. The idea is to use the oils, find the oils or other Young Living products that you love, and then share your experiences with others.
Success does not come with trying to get people to buy your products. The success comes when you find products for your people.

When we have our own experiences, we’re able to then share with others our experiences in order to help them.

Find a problem, then figure out a solution.

What Is Your Why?

Becoming a product of the product creates experiences for you, it creates testimonies — but WHY did you decide to go down this path in the first place? What led you here to this site? 

Was it a health issue that set you on this path?

Was it a money thing that brought you here?

Whatever your WHY is, write that down and circle it — look at it every day to remind yourself WHY you are doing this. 

Your WHY may change over time, and that’s okay. Knowing your WHY is an important starting point to this journey.

Share Your Story

A big point that I came to realize over the years was that I was creating a brand for myself, even though I am sharing Young Living. I am my own business — and so are you, all of the time. What we post on our social media, how we treat people and animals, how we present ourselves at an interview or on a first date — we are creating a brand for ourselves that is shaped every day by the choices we make of how we display ourselves.
Aside from the superficial observations, the brand that we are creating of ourselves truly was created by the story of our lives, and that’s the story I want to challenge you to reflect on and share. It can be big, or it can be small. Your story may change someone’s life.

Everyone has a story, and your story is uniquely yours. 

Be authentic, be real, and you never know the light you could be shining onto others.

Build Interest

Hopefully as you’re sharing your story, your experiences, and testimonies with others, you’re creating some interest with your friends and family. So what’s the next step? Deep breath — I promise it’s easier than it may seem.

The simple 1-2-3 steps are these:

  1. Have your new member go to and click on Become a Member 
  2. Have your new member put in your Young Living member number into the Sponsor and Enroller boxes where it asks who referred them.
  3. The rest of the form is theirs to complete — be sure to congratulate them joining Young Living and connect them to Revolutionary Wellness resources, in addition to the contact and support you are giving them as their enroller.