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Share Your Story Tool Box

  • Share your story from the heart - Wellness Journey
  • Be responsible in your sharing
  • Follow product label instructions
  • Young Living products are unique - Stay away from comparing them to other specific brands - Brag about their uniqueness, especially Seed to Seal
  • The Young Living business is about purpose
  • Identify yourself and show your pride that you are a Young Living Independent Distributor and include your member number
  • Everyone's wellness journey is unique, don't assume yours will be the exact same as anyone else

You Are Your Own Brand

...and make no mistake in doubting that.
What you post and how you present yourself on social media or elsewhere all compiles together to create an "image" of you.

Your viewers are interested in what you have to share. The key is to be authentic and genuine, and share quality content -- think about how you may scroll endlessly through your feed. What are the things that catch your eye to make you stop and go back to read more? 

It is proven that you get more engagement on posts that have your face -- or you -- in it. People connect with you on social media to connect with you!

"Take the time to create your own content. 
Be inspired by how other people present information. Let their ideas help you create ones of your own. But come up with your own materials so your customers have the benefit of your voice, your brand, your point of view." 

-Lindsay Teague Moreno
Author of Boss Up!

How to Share Young Living in 3 Easy Steps

Wondering which words or phrases to use when you promote and sell Young Living products? This three-step process will help you talk about Young Living products in a way that’s both exciting and compliant with federal regulations.

  1. Use the Suggested Product Claims educational to find the product you want to promote.
  2. Review the product's benefits, usage, and description. Everything in the Suggested Product Claims education is compliant with Young Living's Policies and Procedures, so you can use any information you find there on
  3. Copy the information you want to share from the Suggested Product Claims tool and paste it on your social media, your website, or other digital spaces where you promote Young Living products.

Tips for Product Comparisons

We love the energy you bring to sharing Young Living products. Keep things on the up-and-up by always making accurate and permissible claims. You might not know this, but comparing your favorite Young Living product to another name-brand product is a no-go. When you do this, the other brand may consider this as detrimental or disparaging to their product and/or brand. Instead, make generic claims that highlight the way that YL is better than all other comparable products. 

  • Avoid using brand names.
  • Be generic
  • Ensure all claims are accurate and align with the proper labeling instructions

Non-Compliant Example: My Thieves Household Cleaner works better than my Windex ever has.

Compliant Example: Thieves Household Cleaner works better for me than any other cleaner.

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Examples of Sharing on Social Media

Who has sore, tight muscles and needs relief? 
I want to tell you a little story... Last week, life caught up with me.
My body was beat up from working, not taking the time to stretch as much, or staying on top of getting massage therapy.... yeah, it’s one of those deals where we remind our clients to get regular massages, yet we forget to take care of ourselves... shout-out to my friend @rockstarmassageks for getting my body back into feeling normal — it was definitely a reminder I cannot neglect my wellness — and neither should you! 
My body needed a day to recover, which was shortened greatly with taking AminoWise + Sulfurzyme powder from Young Living, and this amazing CBD Balm that’s made for muscles and joints!
Feeling so much better now 🌱
My SI (low back) was not happy.
Valor + CBD = 👌🏻👏🏻 
The cool thing about the CBD and the essential oils are - it does not take much to get the desired effect.

[posted on Instagram @kc__kristen]

Y’all need Ningxia. 
Ningxia Wolfberry Nutrient Summary:
•Contains 21 essential minerals & 18 amino acids
•67 times the thiamin (vitamin B1) of brown rice
•2 times the niacin (vitamin B3) of bakers yeast
•3 times the vitamin C of raw oranges
•5 times the calcium of raw cauliflower
•2 times the beta carotene of raw spinach
•4 times the amount of potassium found in 3oz. of fresh bananas (1600mg of potassium)
•rich in magnesium
•15.6% Protein by weight
•21% Fiber by weight

Ningxia Red hits the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) mark at over 30,000!

The Ningxia wolfberry is more than just a whole food multivitamin — it also contains a virtual cornucopia of exotic and unique phytonutrients that have been shown to protect the liver, and support the heart and cellular DNA from age-related deterioration and disease.

I drink Ningxia Red every. single. day.

[posted on Instagram @kc__kristen]

Don't forget to use unique #hashtags in your caption to attract viewers!
I love to use #yleo #youngliving #wellnesslifestyle #revolutionarywellness -- just to name a few!