Stomach Support

An average adult human should produce approximately 3 pints of saliva each day.

Cavities are a result of low amylase - the enzyme that is in saliva, and it helps to break down the food in the mouth.

Issues of the Mouth:

  • Teeth Problems
  • Gum Problems
  • Mouth Sores
    • May be a result of poor digestion
  • Dry Mouth
    • Need water

Supporting Nutrients for the Mouth

Probiotics/Cultured Food

Natural Health Techniques:

  • Oil pulling
    • Because oils tend to dissolve and remove contaminants, healthy oils, such as raw coconut oil, can be beneficial when “pulled” in and out and through the teeth
    • The oil conditions the gums, whitens teeth and removes harmful toxins
  • Tongue scraping
    • Many consider that it is helpful in removing residue and bacteria that could cause harm to the health of the mouth
    • Tongue scraping is an Ayurveda practice

Supporting Nutrients for the Stomach

  • Enzymes
  • Ginger
  • Aloe Vera

Natural Health Techniques:

  • Eat consciously
  • Avoid liquids with your meal - liquids discourage breakdown of food
  • Eat foods which contain enzymes - if it’s cooked, it’s dead

Elimination/Toxicity: when the oxygen to waste ratio is out of balance, the brain cannot function at peak performance. This is either from taking too much junk food or hindered elimination. 

Urinary System: one of the main ways the body eliminates waste and dead tissue. Toxins that are not eliminated will start a downward spiral of health.


Essential Oil Singles to Support the Digestive System

Basil Vitality
Bergamot Vitality
Black Pepper Vitality
Cardamom Vitality
Carrot Seed Vitality
Celery Seed Vitality
Clove Vitality
Coriander Vitality
Dill Vitality
German Chamomile Vitality
Ginger Vitality
Jade Lemon Vitality 
JuvaCleanse Vitality
JuvaFlex Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Lemongrass Vitality 
Lime Vitality
Marjoram Vitality
Nutmeg Vitality
Orange Vitality
Oregano Vitality
Peppermint Vitality
Roman Chamomile Vitality
Rosemary Vitality
Sage Vitality
Spearmint Vitality
Tangerine Vitality
Tarragon Vitality
Thyme Vitality

Essential Oil Blends to Support the Digestive System

Citrus Fresh Vitality
Digize Vitality
EndoFlex Vitality
Fennel Vitality
GLF Vitality

Supplements to Support the Digestive System

Balance Complete
Digest & Cleanse
KidScents MightyPro
KidScents MightyVites
KidScents MightyZymes
Life 9
Longevity Softgels
Master Formula
Ningxia Red
PD 80/20
Super C

Other Products

Gary's True Grit Einkorn
Red Shot

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